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Make up Tutorial


Note : Additional travel fees may apply, which can be estimated upon you providing your location. Please, take note of the travel fees in our Terms and conditions.

Once your wardrobe is sorted, complete your look with a step- by-step makeup tutorial.

Unsure how to best apply your makeup? 
Deciding to not wear any make up at all because you don’t feel confident?

Whether you prefer a natural look or something more glamorous, we will help boost your confidence in your makeup skills.

The benefits :

Discover the perfect foundation tone, eye pencil or any suitable accessory for you.

 Based on your lifestyle and personal style, our stylists will suggest just the right daytime and evening looks during your make up lesson

Step by step instructions : Our team will guide you using our “half and half” method which enables you to learn and reproduce your make up easily by yourself. 

 Tailored to your face shape, colors and lifestyle

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