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Wardrobe Detox


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Did you know women wear only 20% of their clothes 80% of the time ?

No worries ! So many women complain that they have nothing to wear despite their wardrobe appearing to be full.

Good new ! Our wardrobe detox service is designed to uncover and address this very challenge.
Our wardrobe stylist comes to analyze your wardrobe and starts by a first assessment.


What is The Detox Process ?

Thanks to our understanding of your colour palette and morphology, we’ll detox and refresh your wardrobe.

We’ll do an initial detox of your old, damaged or stained clothes.

Following a detailed review of the good and inadequate colours, followed by a detox of your clothes depending on your body shape analysis.

Do you know how to easily create outfits with what you already have ?  We’ll show you ways of mixing and matching your existing pieces.

Create a list of clothes that you need to buy to make your wardrobe work efficiently again so that you don’t waste money buying clothes that you already have or may not need.

The benefits :

 Money Saving : Only invest your money during your next shopping sessions by purchasing clothes only that you need and suit you. Wardrobe Detox will enable you to save money.

 Getting a fresh and adapted wardrobe : thanks to our tips, your wardrobe is efficient and trouble free. You will breathe easy with a new wardrobe environment and eliminate stress when selecting daily outfits. 

 Time Saving : Simplify your choices outfits. From now, you know easily how mixing and matching your pieces together will make you look your best.


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