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Face Analysis


Note : Additional travel fees may apply, which can be estimated upon you providing your location. Please, take note of the travel fees in our Terms and conditions.

Face Analysis will enable you to know :

  • what kind of jewellery you can wear
  • which haircut suit you depending of your face morphology
  • which form of glasses pair you can wear
  • what kind of collar (mens and womens) suits to your face
  • how your make up can put the finishing touch to your look

Determinating the best haircut is not just a decision based on the fashion or like the hairdresser would try on you. We consider your hair cut based on your face morphology, your personality, your lifestyle and your colour palette preferences.

The Benefits :

Better Choices: Knowing your face morphology will allow you to make your choices easier and efficient

 Time Saving : you quickly select your fashion accessories depending on your face morphology. 

 Money Saving: Don’t waste money and be confidence when making your choices 

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