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Many women are too busy to pay attention to their style and unaware of where their unease can come from.

Just a reminder : What does the term “style” means ?

Style is a mix between the combination of someone’s tastes, personal preferences, their way of dressing, hairstyling, and behavior patterns. Additionally, it reflects the distinctive aesthetic attributes held by an individual.

BUT, for our Image Consultant the style is not only related to clothing. Your way of dressing, must reflect your unique personality : I dress like I am.

Your fashion style is your way to communicate. That’s why your image is the most important thing to cherish and pay close attention.

How Style Analysis, can provide you a new image and a unique look ?

Don’t know where to start ?

Are you lost about the changing and different fashion trends ?

Don’t know how best to find your own style ?

Do you need to update and revamp your fashion style ?

Style Analysis is made for you.

The benefits :

 You create your own style belonging to your personality. 

 Be proud of your personality, your image and your style choices.

 Feeling free : You make your own choices. They don’t depend upon the society, your family or your environment. Your decisions will make you feel better and happy about your choices.

 Your style will develop by the same way as you progress with your image. You build confidence day after day.


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