The temperatures are dropping, and the daylight is decreasing; there’s no doubt that winter is approaching! It’s time to choose the one that will keep you warm and stylish… We are talking about the winter COAT!

But how do you choose it?

Many of you struggle to choose your coat for several reasons:

1. There are so many options, and you feel lost.
2. You’re not sure about your body shape, so you don’t know what style to choose.
3. Buying a coat can be a significant expense, and you don’t want to make a mistake.

So, we are here to help you by providing some tips for choosing your beautiful coat!

Manteau hiver femme


There are always subtleties to consider: whether you’re tall with curves, petite and slender, or vice versa… Hence the importance of knowing your body shape: 8, X, V, O, H, A. To do this, you should take a silhouette morphology test.

We want to emphasize that you shouldn’t take all these tips “literally”! For example, if you absolutely adore a coat but think to yourself, “oh, but it’s not in my color palette, I shouldn’t get it” or “it’s not fitted enough to accentuate my waist” … If it’s THIS coat that you’ve fallen for, go for it! You can always make up for it by adding accessories.

  • Another criterion to consider is the trend. Yes, it’s important to stay in tune and stylish with the times, but try to choose a coat that you can wear next year (= responsible shopping). It depends on you.

    As for the coat trends for this winter, we have:

    – Faux fur in short or long (oversized) coats: it’s been around for a few years already and still in trend this year (so it’s a responsible purchase).

    – The cape (or poncho): a big trend! What’s great is that you can play with it by keeping the volume on the sleeves only, and adjust it to your size with a belt.

    – Plaid patterns: they are at the heart of this winter and come in all colors! Be cautious if the checks are large and you have an O body shape as they can make the silhouette appear heavier.

    – XXL puffer jackets, quilted styles, short parkas.

    – Long wool coats: they have been a staple for several years, making it a reasoned and responsible purchase.

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