The new “total black look”
Color of the earth, of a healthy life, of willpower and work, we named it brown ????
Brown is reassuring and is a good alternative to gray or navy blue. Few colors blend as easily as brown: let’s take advantage of it!

???? Chocolate brown, latte brown (hello latte trend ☕️), plain or printed, in a total look or in small touches… brown is heralded as the “new black”.

How do you wear it?
???? You can mix different shades of brown for a total look: from beige to camel to dark brown.
???? Paired with white or beige, you take no risks but it will be an effective look.
???? For a more explosive look, combine brown with bolder colors like yellow, fuchsia, red, or even green.

In terms of color theory, brown can be both a cool or warm shade. So, everyone will have the opportunity to make the most of this lovely trend ????

Do you like brown?
Tell us in the comments which brown pieces you have in your wardrobe!

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